The Imperfectionist

by Drivemouth

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This is the story of a girl who realizes she's perfect, and won't accept the flaws of her imperfect world.


released September 30, 2009

Tom Breed - Mouth driver
Aaron Haynes - Space cowboy
Max Maxwell - Pogo stick
James B. Quick - Shoe polisher
Jessica Cyrell - The girl
Ryan Van Velzer - Rage

Produced by Dylan Bernbaum



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Track Name: The Imperfectionist 1
I hope to share a brain one day
With a friend I could call home
Policed by the fireflies
Engined by their own
Sense of possibility
Breaking all their bones
To carry across a hue
They carry not alone

I hope to find someone some day
And trade them half a lobe
To see what they thought and think what they did
And maybe we'd grow old
In apartments across the street
Showing out our windows
Paintings that compete
Where is my own to hold
Track Name: Enduring During
Make a joke out of irony and a fool out of god
A flower out of entropy and a tool out of law
Cause we don't know what to do
And we won't know this tongue or groove

Color drains from the moon to pockets of black holes
Fists full of mercy won't explain this prose
How lame how lame do we have to be to fall
But how strange it was to have been anything at all

Face facts
We can't all be friends
We know
That up until the end
The hue will carry us over
Through the winds of red
Track Name: This Kid
This kid is going to melt me
Kissing a corner of the smoothest table
Patrons sleeping quietly
And the favorites blinking watching here

This kid finds solace
Within the scratches and dots
Colorless colors
Were never seeded in these spots

It's been dark where she lives
And she needs a sunny day
So she spends her nights drawing moons away
Planting seeds between the twigs
This kid has got some dreams i guess
Track Name: Easy Does It
A blush in love is a brush in red
Leaving semitones on the side of your head
A single blank space just won't do
Filling white up with a white residue

A single empty face just won't do
And sky doesn't always have to be blue at dawn
But gardens can't survive under this light
Darwin's gonna be pissed and put up a fight

Instead of bringing down the sailcloth
Its steady come the fingerprints to do the job
Track Name: Beatniks in Business Suits
After the days of poets in bars
Hippies with guitars
And keyboards with colored keys
Are beatniks in business suits
Eating beige tinted fruits
Tasting the way it does when red's not a thing

Before the tin lives
And their little tin wives
Were clanking cogs from the beginning
There were alibis in fingers
And the little things they did here
And the subtle sounds of you breathing

You found lines in the sand
From a stick in your hand
Attached to the soul and mind of a friend
Who is long passed away
In this great garden of apes
Hurricaned in with no means to an end

And you don't know why
And you don't know when
All you know is what you've been told
All you know is what you know
Track Name: Corrosion
Bullets in maps from a pinch hit
Rogue bristles and Jazz III picks
The earth doesn't even flinch

Moth in flames from a henchman
Tentatively causing tension
This wave you so want to drink

Rock in throat from a past trip
Soaking up just every drip
Tasting of our broken lips

Walk it off Kirk to Spock stop the clock shock and awe chalk it up if you're loving this
Chalk it up to loving this
Track Name: Word Ink
Its glass teeth are glass so we can see what it said
Its paper hands are barely covering its head
Just enough to grate us in a perfectly wrong way
Forgot the color of her eyes with paper in the way
You're in New York city and the city's been a bitch
Holding back in hormones and instigating itch
Its finger prints are origami built to be low tide
Tattooed on the sand with no chance to dry

Its chest is heaving breaths and a wordsmith's projection
Its god is not as tall as you may have expected
Its in the garden tasting its all time favorite dish
Investigating taste buds and rewarding the snitch

There's something in the way right now or so it seems
To hear the chorus in its head would make me happy
Track Name: Naked
She writes her music naked
Draws pictures when she's bored
Moons of another color
They remind her of another
She never met before
Scratching pen on paper
Preserving the perfect tone
Details and points exclaimed
Her perfect fingers perfectly to blame

Stops to admire herself
Imagines different kinds of blue
Peers into shadings of the crater
Losing herself in the greatest
Thought she's ever known
And she sits there forever
Like la de freakin' da
Not finishing another word
Her perfect world imperfectly preserved

Not a dot lives alone
Track Name: The Imperfectionist 2
Been bending clocks to waste some time
And trimming trees with turpentine
Folding leaves from paper swans
And pasting wings into my sweating palms

Been showing curves for a while now
And squares circled into a pile now
Of skeletons that look you in the eye
And open bellies on display now don't be shy

Been building blocks to build some lives
And filling lungs with underlines
And the beat in myself says
Where is the reprise in your eyes
Track Name: Like The Witches in Salem
Dance while you burn with me
Track Name: The Imperfectionist 3
Paper folks laughing to the tickle of an ink
Rationed from their chests to an eye in a blink
Blanks circled lined and dotted, indented in their cheeks
Plain as day on their face they never have to speak

Paper folks dancing to the glow of fire flies
Secrets from their pockets to a breath in the sky
Timber floors and faces lost in translation
Fast reacting feet fail to save them

Dance while it burns with me