Pink & Blue

by Drivemouth

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With the end drawing near, two people set out to write their own.


released June 22, 2010

Music & Lyrics by Tom Breed
Pink vocals by Jessica Cyrell
Produced by Dylan Bernbaum



all rights reserved


Drivemouth France

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Track Name: Eliot Was Wrong
Look at all the little gods
All their lightning rods
Adjusting to their mess
Look at all the little mice
Scared into playing nice
We'll see who's laughing last
And I am here to destroy you
Track Name: The End of The Beginning
And I, with you in hand
Can't seem to find a pocket for you
A pocket for you and your hand
And we are whistling
Walking down a cold gray street
Climbing up the same old trees
Knocking tasteless acorns on our knees

And the moon is so vast
And the craters are ant hills
I'm in a pocket of land
Coast to coast with no thrills
Push them daisies to the bottom
They're not poised to grow
Hold the water and sunlight
Until we're ready set go

And I, with you in hand
Can't seem to find a pocket for you
A pocket for you and your hand
And we are circling
Around the drain so to speak
I can climb, can you reach
Are these weights too much for us to bring

Wipe the stars from your eyes
And it's gotta be now
There is no more when
When its all about (n/h)ow
We push them daisies to the daisies to the bottom
They're not poised to grow
Hold the water and sunlight
Until we're ready set go

And I am commencing
On a bicycle built for one
You can come if you can run
Fast enough to catch up
But I'm not waiting around
Track Name: Painting on (Paintings/Smiles)
Breaking away the way we wanna go
Painting on paintings like it won't matter anymore
Red wine lubricates the mind
And i guess i was who i was waiting for
Call me Jesus; I have immaculate perception
Call me cartographer; I have a map for course correction

Perception is an interesting thing
Like i perceive the ones who don't know what to bring
As a parasite more than ever before
"So I'm sorry but this is as far as we go"

Disorder is a beautiful thing
Sometimes a little push is all that it needs
Do you have the dedication that i'm looking for
"So sorry but i don't think i can perform"

Bring all the things you claim to need
Burn them to the ground
And then burn them all straight to hell
Out the other side for the bonus round

So ride along
And smile on
And bring that fucking banner down
Track Name: Save the Idiots, Save the World
I don't care where you all came from, bringing all of your bad news
Thought I'd share a quasi-philosophical advance with you
Bring yourself a flag to plant and
Bring yourself a bucket of paint to
Paint the sky the color of your eyes
Bridge the gap between the ticks of time
Tell it to your face like I'm glad to do

And I

I don't care where you all came from, bringing all of your bad karma
You're all imbeciles as far as I'm concerned, and I'm quite concerned
Bring yourself a drawing to hang
By the threads of its authors hand and
Thread the needle of a drug you call your own
Grow like trees can't block your way to home
Tell it to your face like I'm glad to do
You idiots are wasting time like it won't waste you too
Track Name: Snares and Stripes
Is this the opening to a movie?
Is this the music someone uses when walking to the mound?
Is this the ending of an important scene
That I should remember the next time I'm around?
When the sky is falling in itself like a hand around a can of a man thats thirsty for just about everything else
When the ground is rising up and I'm neck deep in dirt
digging through the surface tension hoping to hear that sound

Is that the pen to write the script about a guy who's got nothing left but his memories?
Is that the pen to write the pilot of a future that I want so sincerely to be?
Lemme wipe the stars from your eyes so I can place my own squares and circles and great things I've done and have come to know
You'll have no choice but when you're burning to a crisp to cling to the idea that ideas like mine could possibly exist

Is that snare about me
Should I stare across the
Plateaus of pedestrians crossing
Streets to get to streets that contain my beat in their steps
That go 1, 2, 3, 4
Track Name: And a World Away (Pulse pt. 1)
And I am marching a long way
Should have been there yesterday
Better late then never they say
So I guess that it is okay

Do you hear me now?
The sun is looking on your face
Do you hear it now?
Look around, your brothers are raising their fists
Can't help but feel like there's something I missed
Track Name: Seventh Guess
Sit and tell me every little thing that you know
I've been waiting for an hour to hear what you know
I'm a sponge in a tide and i'm thirsty for more
Are you qualified to make this sort of judgement call

Let me tell you, oh nevermind, I don't know
I've been meaning to, oh nevermind, I don't know
And another week goes by and I am plenty sore
Kiss my wounds better so I may hear some more

Oh, well I guess you are just what I needed
Track Name: Home Cooking
When the cards stack up
When the cards fall down
Reverse engineering on a familiar sound
When the falsetto of a fable hits that certain pitch
That leaves a resonating chill that'll linger with an itch

When the birds fly in
When the trees come down
Home cooking always keeps us around
When mother starts speaking you had better listen up
To the words she is saying lest we fuck her mission up

When a bad man says bad things about the things
That you love
That leaves your ears ringing when push comes to push and shove

You can find me flirting with forever
In a sequence that left me for the better
And I don't care who finds me
I have the luxury of me
Track Name: It's a Corner (Piece/Peace), Pulse pt. 2
Songs on the radio that never appealed
The rest of them followed and knew what to feel
I'm repeating verses that I do not know
Lip syncing them while taking some notes
Rhythm's alright as is catching the beat
But dancing in real life takes the wind out of me
Learning the steps of an uphill climb
Isn't as easy as learning to fly
And I know know know just what you think
Girl's gotta brain that is pinker than pink
That's just my way and you may not get it
And neither do I so let's just forget it

I think eternal life ain't such a bad gig
Smoke all you want and see all the planets
Bring all your friends everywhere that you go
Leave the ones behind that'll step on your toes
Do you think everyone would want to come
Or just the ones dumb enough to follow along
On second thought someone's gotta stay behind
Cause when they all die who will turn out the lights
And I say no no no you don't understand
I could explain but then you would demand
A better explanation one that has all the roots
To this brutal excuse for me solving you
Track Name: Shoddy Luck
"Wake up, wake up," she said
"Let me hold your hand"
Through the cold wet ground
She dug until she found
Then he rolls his eyes front and makes a face
"Don't you know hon that this is is the place where I belong?"

"I know, I know," she said
"But let me argue it
"Can you see the air
"Can you taste the glare?"
"Touch your nose to mine and smell the scents
"Don't you recognize the essence of this mess and this
where I belong?"
Track Name: Lucky Shot
City lights like glitter in the dark
Prepping periscopes to seek a certain part
Puzzles and parallels to ignite a certain sparks
Flying fireflies drown in rainstorms from a spoon
Jars of jam emptied for experimental use
A few stray satellites and footprints on the moon

And to think that('s) all it takes
Track Name: Certain Sparks
Branded them bottomless like a window to a core
Of a place where a face ignites a fear we can't ignore
And we claimed that they couldn't be cured been diseased from the start
Of this race that we are all in to win to survive the rhythm's heart

Stop now thinking how you might be different from the rest
Little gods with lightning rods adjusting to their mess
And the trees soaked, knees broke, bullet bolts will be bouncing on through the glass
They'll be exploding future moments that we once brewed in our flasks
Track Name: Clench Baby Clench
Breathe baby breathe
Just enough time to be
Tasting salty air
Hope you don't mind
I'm just passing by
Another cell needs repair
Clench baby clench
Your fists and begin
Crawling up the stairs
Bring a flag to be safe
Incase a familiar fate
Brought someone else there

See baby see
Monkeys climb the trees
Just to see what's there
Memorizing the vine
That they grabbed and they climbed
Puzzle piece they won't share
Clench baby clench
Your fists and begin
Fighting for the snares
Off in the distance
Battling the resistance
To my almighty swear

So why don't you
Need to be fixed
You aren't perfect
Unless there's something I missed
But maybe that's alright, I don't know
Track Name: Breathe Baby Breathe
"Breathe baby breathe"
I think he said to me
Clutching my arm like it'd be the death of me
Leaving imprints I'd later learn impressed me
God forbid I make the mistake of wanting ecstasy
See baby see
You're right here next to me
In a car parked fifty feet away from the place
Where the music is played
I wanted so bad but venues just seem to always get the best of me

"Step baby step"
I imagine he'd project
If he saw me now
And I can recollect
The times he kept me safe
From fairly far away
From the world and its trees
Dropping leaves in your busy face

So like a big screw you
Wrapped in a big fat bow
In a box wrapped in blue
With a card that says
'No thanks, I'd rather go outside
'So I can take it with
'So I can take it in stride'

Get the best of me
So the best of me
Can rest at ease
If I please
Track Name: That Moment Between Awake and Sleep
Free the witches inside your head
Break a spell of rain like you wanted to
Be the wind beside your hair
Reminding you to walk a way from here
Track Name: Pillows and Stuff
We don't care what they say
We don't care who we keep waiting
Or if we have to crawl
Or if a pillow falls
We'll put it back
So just relax

We don't care what they want
We don't care about what they'll flaunt
In our pretty faces
Sealed in our cozy spaces
We're invincible
Or so I'm told

We don't care what they say
We'll push them daisies in the way
Of an oncoming bus
It can't get the best of us
If it's not as good
And it's not as good

We don't care what they bring
We don't care that the songs they sing
Say things like listen up
You're not doing it right enough
We've proved them wrong
We still belong

Voice of a vintage record player being idle
Fractured thoughts in pictures of new pictures in a fire
Less is less likely to burn
Spent summer smelling scents of sex for a while
Girly things like hearts wings and big fat smiles
Look at what you have learned
Track Name: The End of The End
And I am listening
For the first and last time
I am wrong and I don't mind
I'm painted pink
At least I think

And I am listening
For when we evaporate
It's only our aftertaste
I'm painted blue
Thanks to me
And thanks to you

And I am not afraid
Of what comes next in this life
Or what does not I guess is right
I'm not yellow
I'm not afraid

I'm not afraid