Off The Ground

by Drivemouth

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Runtime: ~33 minutes
Twitter: @drivemouth


released November 15, 2011

Music & Lyrics by Tom Breed
Drums by BigShane
Drums recorded by John Burrey
Art by Aaron Haynes
Produced by Dylan Bernbaum

Special thanks to Tom Bown, Aaron Haynes, Cade, James Quicksell and DG for their encouragement, help, and general awesomeness.



all rights reserved


Drivemouth France

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Track Name: The Only Girl i Ever Loved
The only girl I ever loved
Sat beneath the tallest pear tree
And picked a pair of pears with her bare hands
Her fingers splintering

The only girl I ever loved
Sat on her porch and counted the clouds
And picked birds from the sky
Placed them against her thigh
To take back home at night

The only girl I ever loved
Slept drunk and naked across the floor
Every day of her life
Just to see what it'd be like
The only girl I ever loved

The only girl I ever loved
Sat on her porch and counted the suns
Wishing for a brighter day
Singing songs that go her way
Picking smiles from a hat that say
Track Name: Hugo
Let me drink about you all night long
Enjoy the start thats wearing you thin
An educated smile behind a glass of wine
Like a kite caught between two winds
Look at you go

Let you sit and shoot your pretty little mouth off
Must be carrying spares I guess
If I were you though I don't think I could choose
Between this sentence and those lips
Look at you go

Thinly spread across the moonlight beautifully breathing breath into the night
Is a soul crushing endeavor with the goal to extinguish a light
Do you have the will and power to put up an appropriate fight
When you've got nothing to lose

Let me think for just one more minute
It's not like time has anywhere to be
So hold it down while I fetch my hatchet
Together we can make time bleed
Look at you go
Track Name: Capo 4
Take your time
Bring your arrows
Tie a bow in her hair
Pretend that she don't care
And you know that it's all fine
And you know it's all the same

Bring yourself to
One more rear view
Hang a string from back there
Tie it to the bow in her hair
And I know what you're thinking
How can you let go
When the sight won't go
From your head to recycling
Is it a matter of will
Or a matter of time
No matter what you're bringing
A cyclical vice
A smell so nice
You wanna purge and think then
That you're done
Are you done

Oh my god have you seen what they've done this time
Track Name: Hugo's Getting Old
Smell the scents of guitar picks
And drum sticks
Broken wood and cinders flick
And time ticks
You're getting old

Open your black book
And what do you see
Scribbled notes about breathing air
And beat decrees
You're getting old

Sermons about feeling this
And singing that
Like kissing pencils
Behind a pad on train tracks
You're getting old

I know why you let go
But what happens when you don't
Catastrophes tend to be like a world in a snow globe
All encompassing and nowhere to go
You're getting old
Track Name: Note To Self
Don't blink
And reap just what you think
Claymationed in a Williams world
Like a paralyzed line in a curl
It's going down down down

Don't shrink
At the sight of your own brink
Explode it in a million twirls
Like a dance around a draining pearl
It's going down down down

Don't sink
Into pits cause your own weight
Impatient enough to cause a stir
Note to self don't drown drinking their words
They're going down down down

Oh what a beautiful day
For a parade made of rain
The world is on the run
In a cloud above the sun
Oh what a beautiful day
Track Name: 10x (Strange)
And we come out of nowhere
Fingers faces of strangers
How strange
And we steal air from sunlight
So we can skip the moonlight
How strange

And we funnel through the systems
Smiling politely with them
How strange
And we sing songs we don't know
That we wish we did know
How strange

And we all come and go
Like we got nowhere else to go
Picking fights when flowers in the road
Could use a little more sun
Could use a little more love ^_^
Track Name: Again
With a color blind curse
That they'll fail to nurse
They claim they don't care
But we know they care
And the failures of their kids
Tossing tantrums like bricks
They claim they're not scared
But we know they're scared
And the sequins on her dress
An asymmetric mess
The colors running bare
Cause we know she's bare
Underneath her clothes
It's about what she knows
But she'll show again
And she'll show again

With a certain point of view
The kind that spreads a truth
Butter for the rich
Fat for the poor
You can manipulate the news
And the brandies of the noose
Taste like silver to some
Gold to whores
Speckled traps among the sets
The broken TV sets
From the hammers of the youth
That know what to do
Sipping mindsets of a cult
Crumbling crackers to a fault
A prospective kind of stew
A certain point of view

They don't know again
Track Name: The Roar
The roar of the ocean is deafening
When you're the center of it
Waves crash, skies thrash
Through the sediment
Mixing it up like a drink on a Saturday
Going down like you've had better days
Meanwhile somebody sits
It's a seahorse lost and found

Bass so high it causes treble
An outline before the storm
A fresh take: a bible full of bullets
An old glare: a rose full of thorns
A friendly fire breathed among friends
It's not quite like you don't know
Like wet dreaming about
A suitcase full of unicorns

In New York you're gonna drown
The alarms are going off
The ground blisters and shakes
Crumbles and quakes
A fever bearing down
But with the roots torn
You're safe and sound
Track Name: Again (yes, again!)
I don't think that they're coming again
In droves or whispers or eyes of a friend
In roads to wisdom with fingers to lend
Un rhymes or pictures of even the end
They all come and go

When there's windows in pockets of sand
Pale beach sunlight escaping your hand
Freeze the ocean, tie it down to the land
Step on seashells whenever you stand
They all come and go

Biting shirts like its saving your teeth
Shaving the splinters from wooden belief
Never stopped anything from starting to be
Everything it can do or it can believe
They all come and go